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^ is apparently 2 years old
< unless a Spanish textbook counts?
v is in a more advanced class than most of their grade level
^tried to learn 3 languages at once (also, correct, i'm 1 year above in math)
<is learning 4 languages at once (including English)
v has absolutely no idea what UTAU is
^ Is probably proficient in math
< Counts English as one of my 3 languages
v has a site password of 8 characters or less
^incorrect, you have been locked out of this device
<is physically and mentally exhausted and overdue for a 3 day nap
^ seems like a swell guy
< is fully aware of my existence
v knows what the Barnum effect is and how this thread is utilizing it to its advantage
<claimed dibs on therealpopefrancis's soul
v ate a banana
^ Is still in school
< An annoyed hungry toddler
v Is a Russian spy
^ has a dead name?
<is scared of traveling
v has been to Disneyland/world
^ did not specify well enough
< Has been to the world (and my school's music program is taking a trip to Disney world this year but my parents didn't want to pay and wouldn't let me get a job)
v owns a car
^ incorrect
< Is kinda a furry
v does not like furries
^ Is kind of a furry, probably a werewolf or something
< Thinks furries are chill
v Isn't sick atm
<has found something to help with said sickness
vprefers not walking over running
v Isn't Catholic.
^ Probably not catholic either
< Needs a good cry or something
v Likes fruit juice
^Is correct
<Had a good cry last night, and it felt good getting it out.
v Has cried in their life
^dang, he figured it out
< Nothing special here
v has wet their pants before (after being potty trained)
^Is correct
< Doesn't like where this is going
v My puppet account
^Too bad
<is in school once more
v is not in school again
^ Probably a high schooler
< Isn't in school yet bc he's two
v Has graduated from high school or college
^ is right
< is lying
v is going to lie once
<is about to exit school for the day
v is in school
^Isn't in school as of this post
< Wants to watch movie but doesn't know what to watch
v Likes any shade of orange
<Plays smash 3ds semi-professionally
v does not
^ is statistically likely to be maining Bayo/Cloud
< likes playing smash on emulators and keyboard
v is also a gamer
^has entered a statement quite common among humanity
<isn't not going to use double negatives
Vgets the big v