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Bob’s stomach decides that the antidepressants were poisons and expells the potatoes, along with the antidepressants, out of the GI tract before they were absorbed by Bob’s body.
But bob eventually does manage to mostly recover from his depression and also gets twenty dollars. (You can't be cured as far as I know, but you can get better.)
But he atores the 20$ in a bank that charges him 3$ a month for getting a mail bank statement and soon runs out of money. He begins to starve to death!
But there is a soup kitchen right next to his house that pays him to drink delicious and nutritious soup
But he contracts Ebola because he can only drink from a pond nearby.
World health organisation creates a cure to all illnesses in the nick of time, curing Bob in the nick of time
Unfortunately, it is extremely fatal in about 0.001% of cases. Bob is part of this 0.001%.
But the government comes out with an extremely effective immune system boost, and decide to use Bob as the first human subject. He survived and makes a full recovery.
But one of these government scientist doctors really has a grudge against bob for some reason, and shoots him dead.
That doctor happens to be doctor K from changed and instead just changes him into a wolf, from which he can change back.
But shadow beasts from LoZ: TP appear and attack bob
But they all get distracted playing Ocarina of Time. However, we must consider if Bob’s life is worth living at this point, perhaps, just perhaps, the kinder thing is to end his endless suffering, half of the time influenced by our desire to tie references into our posts. I rescind my previous statement. The shadow beings destroy Bob.
...or at least you had thought so, except a cutscene appears. Bob is in the twilight zone; alive but in pain.
But a man who can only escape the Twilight Zone by killing another real human kills Bob to save himself.
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