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Hey, at least it isn't a refrigerator.

I accuse NP of ever verbally spouting "Bee are bee"
Ess Em Aich I would never do that.

I accuse the NP of removing the Indus River Valley people.
They followed me without my consent

I accuse NP of using imaginary numbers
Just because I said 'I', that doesn't mean I mean i !

I accuse the NP of working on a number line, not perpendicular to our own, but at an offset of 32.51 degrees!
The Earth's axis' tilt is only 23.5o

I accuse the np of drinking my lemonade
I accuse the np of heresy
I do not commit Heresy myself, but I know a friend who eats a KitKat without breaking it in half. If that's not Heresy, I don't know what is.

I accuse the NP of dropping the bass (The fish kind)
It tried to fin me and I didn't appreciate it

I accuse NP of executing order 66 instead of 67
Hey, at least I didn't execute order 68!

I accuse the NP of making their response unnecessarily complicated

I accuse the np of making me mad today
i only said " yo momma so fat, people started mistaking her for you"

i accuse NP of causing me great anxiety
I just wanted to share my anxiety with you

I accuse the NP of touching my rhubarb pie before I had a chance to eat it.
I'd never had it before

I accuse NP of making steam hands
Liquidified steam doesn't count

I accuse the NP of being a Trump supporter
What? No, Vermin Supreme is our best choice.

I accuse NP of not knowing who Vermin Supreme is.
I just came back fro the dead

I accuse the np of sapping time
Congrats. But now I reverse time so it never happens.

I accuse the NP of having worn a diaper at least once in their lifetime
Didn't everyone?

I accuse the np of giving me pooper's block
what the fuck

I accuse the NP of replying to this
I accuse the NP of replying to chotano's post!
I cannot relply i only make random statements like these and hope they correspond with the last post.

I accuse NP of eating my darn jelly beans
Mmmmm mmmmm tast- wha?

I accuse the np af not telling me that those were not my jelly beans
Not my job.

I accuse np of creating Kek.
No, go to 4 chan but beware you may never come out

i accuse NP of not following my reddit
Social media is for suckers

I accuse NP of................... (don't say arson; don't say arson) arson.
I have this problem every time I type on this thread.
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