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Banned because somebody over my shoulder told me to
Banned for using a figure of speech
banned for technically also using a figure of speech
Banned for being technical in a thread not in the "Technical Corner" forum
Banned for tech suppression.
Banned for abbreviation
Banned for suppressing abbreviation
Banned because this text is white, and that's a good enough reason as any
Banned for using an extra space
Banned because double spaces are necessary, in some circumstances.
Banned because that wasn't one of those circumstances
Banned because MLA format applies always.
Banned for being wrong
Banned for accusing someone of having a "wrong opinion".
Banned for implying that it was an opinion
Banned because I don't want this thread to die yet
Banned for needing useless threads
Banned for assuming it's useless.
Banned because I don't know any of you new people
Banned for saying we are new
Banned for banning a personal acquaintance of mine
Banned for revealing he/she is a personal acquaintance of yours
Banned for talking in the third person
Banned for shunning him for speaking in the third person, sometimes people can only speak that way
Banned for harboring dots
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