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I tend to forget about the game unless reminded so here's my number. 5403979965. Text me if I forget to check in.
Thats an overseas number...
players: chotano, math, deadname, evergreen, purplelover, chet manly

So do you guys wanna play 1 maf or 2 maf? I haven't decided yet, sorry for the delay
If we get 7 players, then 2 maf, but for now 1 maf can work.
Hoo wee, lets run mini Town of Salem for 6 people. We're going 2 maf. I'll be sending roles now and then writing the details soon
Mafia roles:

Mafioso: Choose up to 1 person to kill at night. If the Godfather chooses to kill someone, you will kill that person instead. You know who the Godfather is and can DM each other at night.

Godfather: Choose up to 1 person to kill at night. If there is an available Mafioso, you will send them to kill the person instead. You know who the Mafioso is and can DM each other at night.

Town roles:
Sheriff: Choose up to 1 person to investigate at night. You will find out if they are part of the mafia. (You will identify the Godfather as part of the mafia, unlike Town of Salem)

Doctor: Choose up to 1 person to heal at night. {Edit: If the person you chose is attacked, they will be healed and not die}You may only choose to heal yourself once in the whole game, regardless of whether you successfully heal yourself or not.

Lookout: Choose up to 1 person to observe at night. You will see who visited that person at night.
Selecting someone who is in jail will give no results whether or not other people visit him/her.

Jailor: Choose up to 1 person to jail during the day. At night, you can talk to your prisoner annonymously and can choose to execute him if you want.
Other people who target the prisoner at night will fail. The prisoner cannot perform his own action at night.
If you execute a member of the town, you cannot execute anymore.
We're using the twocans ask system to coordinate this. Prisoner gets a link and a codeword, and the jailor can talk to the prisoner annonymously.
You guys want a story or are we ready to start day 1?
I say we can start.
I'd like a story tbh
How about a short story, and then we start. Nothing too long, just a quick backstory
You all live in a small farming village near a river, raising cattle and growing food to eat. One day, the sheriff from the next town rides in to warn everyone the mafia is trying to take over this place and turn it into their base of operations. He was found dead the next day. You all agree to meet in the town square everyday to discuss this issue.

It is now day 1, good luck. I guess night time can begin Monday 1200 GMT? There isn't much to do right now.

Btw, how do you guys want to execute the suspicious? Hang, guillotine, stoning or drowning?
Farming community would suggest hanging.
Yup. Hanging.
I agree. Give 'em the noose!
As the day ends, you all head home with a feeling of uneasiness, unable to shake the image of the dead sheriff from your mind.

It's night 1, DM me who you target tonight by Friday 1200GMT
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