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(Well, no shit he'd try to kill me.)
Granted, you fail everything else

I wish I could just be happy anymore...
Granted but you always have really bad and horrible things happen to you.

I wish that I could listen to (the music I want) music without headphones/earbuds and no-one could hear it unless I wanted them to.
Granted, they will always loop in your head 24/7

I wish my dad wasn't a workaholic. (Do another other than he's lazy)
Granted. He gets laid off and can't find another job.

I wish that the powers of the world would stop screwing over the people in favor of corporations.
Granted. The world stops screwing over people in favour of corporations, instead screwing over people in favour of robots.

I wish I had a flat chest.
Granted, the world is flat too and you get launched off like the dinosaurs.

I wish I had more drive to work.
Granted, but you don't have the drive to go back home.

I wish for a balloon.

(Dibs on your soul, Boldt)
Granted, IT has the balloon and he kills you.

I wish that the world was nicer.
Granted. The world is nicer, but then malevolent aliens come and conquer the world because we are too nice to fight back.

I wish i could see the future consequences to all my actions before i act.
Granted, you see the whole future in its infinite collectiveness every time you do an action, and it drives you to insanity

I wish for my computer to be charged up.
Granted, it will forever be at 99, and your newfound OCD will kill you for it

I wish I could play that song again
Granted, It starts playing forever. Then you forget its name and go insane, trying to remember it.

I wish that I could turn invisible when I want to and turn visible when I want to.
Granted, but when you turn invisible you phase out of reality, and are therefore incapable of phasing back in, seeing as you are no longer capable of "wanting" to turn visible again.

I wish for an "X"
Granted, you get a deformed X. ><

I wish for a pet.
Granted, it never loved you.

I wish I could jump higher
Granted, you jump off the face of the earth.

I wish I could sleep at a better time.
Granted: you fall asleep at a better time but you always wake up 5 minutes later than you wanted to.

I wish I could re-do any day that i wanted.
Granted, every day you re-do goes terribly and you can't re-do that day again.

I wish to be able to get any computer game I want for free.
Granted, piracy. You get swatted.

I wish for a excepmtion
(I'll take that as the word exception) Granted, the exception is you. You don't get to go anywhere anybody else is going.

I wish that I didn't get swatted earlier. Now it hurts.
Granted. Instead of being swatted, you were burned. Badly.

I wish religion had much less political and societal influence.
Granted. Soulless corporations come in to fill the power vacuum left behind.

I wish for anarchy.
Granted. The military is temporarily disorganized while they are determining how to structure it in the most horizontal way possible, and the anarchist area (for lack of a better term that I know of) is invaded and hierarchy imposed. It is now even more authoritarian than before.

I wish I could exist without hating myself in some way or another for a day.
Granted, everyone else hates you.

I wish that I could have 3 cans and string.
Granted. The string breaks.

I wish for a capture card.
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