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Hi everyone! I'm doing a little scavenger hunt! First, Join this discord.

So here's how it works: I've posted comments and stuff around the internet. The first clue will be below. I will post 1 hint every 3 days (until I can't make it more obvious without telling you the solution), and the solution after 2 weeks. Once everyone solves the first clue, I will start giving more clues to the second part, and so on. The winner gets admin permissions in the server. The answer should always be a string of six alphanumeric symbols. When you think you got the answer, pm it to me ON TCAS.

Also, in both discord and on here, you can discuss the clues. PLEASE DO NOT REVEAL THE ANSWER!

On the discord, you can see which clue other people are at in the hunt.

I may add to this after posting.

Clue 1: My favorite Flood Escape 2 map is Portals.
Hint 1: You need to understand how the Roblox Catalog works.
Ugh. Found this, but can't look at the maps without creating a Roblox account
oof. that's gonna be a problem. hmmm...
I got a solution
Username: sharedaccountTCAS
Pass: twocansandstring
sorry, I'd love to participate, but I have a personal promise to never, ever, ever use roblox on purpose.
I relate heavily to that azerty
Second hint: abbaa aaaaa abbbb abaaa aaabb = aaaba aaaaa baaba aaaaa ababb abbba aabba abaaa aaabb

It uses a cipher that has a name similar to a word used for Roblox noobs. It's also a pretty mathematic cipher.

From now on all hints will only be on the discord.
Would join, but I'm too stupid.
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