ForumForum Games ► <^v
^ sounds tired
< Still thinking about spaghetti
v doesn't listen to music
^ Kinda correct
< D a v e B a r r y
v Has heard of Dave Barry
v no
^ oh yeah
< no yeah
v oh no
^ ok none of this makes sense anymore
< trying to get this thread back on track
v wants this thread to make sense
^ yeah
< Is currently on coffee since 5:40 am central time
v is also on coffee
<Doesn't get that luxury
vHas had over a hundred Hot Wheels cars
^Yes, actually
<profession of collecting toys that are out of production (Ex. Bakugan)
v does not have this profession
^ correct
< wants to say that toys are for kids, but doesn’t believe that policy
v thinks toys are for kids
^ technically correct. the best kind of correct.
< thinks toys are for kids, and also for adults, and teens, and any other age range
v thinks toys are only for kids
^ technically no, but whatever
< did this at the same time yesterday
v I don't know, put something here
^ Blergh

< Is listening to the Attack on Titan Theme song on loop.

v Is silently thinking I am a weeb which isn't wrong.
^I am a weeb.
< Likes JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Smash Bros.
v likes/doesn't like either or both of those
^ is technically correct
< likes smash bros, forgot what the other one was between hitting "reply to Thread" and typing this but remembers that I've never heard of it
v is human
^ right
< also a weeb who also kinda likes smash bros
v doesn’t know what a weeb is
^is incorrect
<is a weeb
v probably is also a weeb
^My alt
< Is a weeb because my alt is a weeb?
v Will say that ^ is not actually my alt
^ why the fuck not
< nobody’s alt
v is an alt account
< does have a second account
v is not with a second account
^correct, this is my fourth
< Eventually checks those extra accounts
v Never checks their other accounts or forgot the password
^Correct kind of, has forgotten the password for one account I made
<Is my second oldest account
v Is older (on this site) than me
^ Almost
< Account turns a year old tomorrow
v Has been here for multiple years
^ meant days, not years
< has been around for about a month I think? today’s my one month-anniversary
v has been around a lot longer
^Over a year now
< is still a year and 1/4
v has days that go too damn slow