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:( <3
You're back! :D
god, that's the dream isn't it

im just really sad, and this site used to be what i used to procrastinate all the time so im taking a shitty nostalgia trip while i try not to fucking break down

edit for explanation -

i left the server because it just didn't really make me happy anymore. due to my own doing, i never really had any free time to talk to you guys, and because of it, i had a sort of disconnect. every time i was pinged i was reminded of just how little i was actually active, which made me sad, and then i never did anything about it. I love you guys, but it just wasn't making me happy, and god knows i can take all the happiness i can get


:( <3
We will always be here for you, Arale!
Forget about being in charge and just come by to talk.
Yep! We're care for it together
bitch i might >:)

probably not anytime soon tho lol ap stat is destroying my free time
Stats? Tell me how it goes! I plan on taking it next year.
The math in AP stats is pretty easy, it has some strange conceptual stuff in the second half, but it is not nearly as hard as calc
evergreen your picture is gone

also arale i totally get that
permutations/combinations are really easy, and so are most graphs. what's giving you problems?
There's some kinda abstract probability stuff in there, but I can't speak for Arale.
I don't think we ever talk about combinations and permutations in stats, the closest thing we have to that is like:
A coin is flipped 10 times. What's the probability that 7 or less of the results were heads?
oh, ok
getting 1 head: 10/1024
That's a start
It's easier just to take all 1024 outcomes and remove those with 8, 9 or 10 heads (45, 10, 1 possibilities), leaving 968/1024 or 121/128 or 0.9453125
Damn I want some Wisconsin cheese
Kitty back with the random comments. lol
I got that Wis Cheese
I need to cry but I can't seem to be able to. Anyone got any sad videos for me?
kitty did you just take the PSAT?

they had a problem about Wisconsin cheese.
I got a problem with PSAT, it's that it exists.
when everyone’s making PSAT jokes but you can’t relate bc you took the PACT instead :/
When everyone's making PSAT jokes and you can't relate because you're in eighth grade and won't take it until near the end of this school year.
You take psat in 10th at the earliest...(at least if you want to prepare)
My school has you take one at the end of eighth grade and then in freshman, sophomore, and junior year.
Boldt, you’re in 8th grade? I thought you were in 11th grade or something. Wow, you learn something new every day.
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