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Out comes Edgar Allen Poe

In goes Lenore
Out comes a death poem.

In goes seppuku.
Out comes harakiri

In goes an empty bottle
Out comes a blank message.

In go the police.
out comes Every Breath You Take

in goes a theory
Out comes something incomprehensible

In goes a SN76496 sound chip
Out comes a BBC micro.

In goes the World Service.
Great, you clogged the machine because government services take forever to do anything, including getting out of a squishy vending machine chute

In goes a fastloader cartridge to get those bozos out of the machine already
Out comes a Commodore Datasette.

In goes an 8" floppy disk.
Hah! Silly oni-ni-kanaboh, this vending machine doesn’t have a floppy drive! That’s sold separately.

In goes a tomato
Out comes the same tomato (or is it?!?) But squashed

In goes the good stuff
Out comes (heh heh)

In goes a real deal
Out comes a sitcom

In goes the Space X rocket that launched two hours ago (the one that left a mysteriously beautiful lightshow over California's night sky)
Out comes the Vacaville fire, which left a gross smoky smell in California’s air

In goes Donny Sexbag
out comes Bod Man: Really Ripped Abs Fragrance
(yes, it's a thing)

in goes my apush dbq
out comes some cornel notes

in goes the pre-ACT
Out comes the PSAT

In goes PETA
out goes euthanasia

in goes butter
Out comes Ted Cruz's tweet

In goes Facebook
Out come the CIA.

In goes a little old lady.
Out comes a big bad wolf

In goes my fucking idiot self
out comes Our fucking idiot self

in goes my mom when i say “thank you”
Out comes a dysfunctional family.

In goes a broken home.
Out comes a split-level

In goes an HDMI connection
Out comes high quality sound and resolution

In goes my touch screen-less Nintendo 2DS
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