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Fortunately, the movie earned enough money that bob could get treatment
But it was too late, the illness progressed too far, and Bob's actor will die in a hospital bed.
But they manage to replace the actor with their identical twin.
Who gets fired for incompetence.
But has a really cooperative doppleganger.
But the studio making the show in the first place goes out of business
Fortunately, during the bankruptcy sale a generous company buys it and supplies Bob with top-notch medical insurance.
obamacare yeets on that shit, bob dies of syphilis
But then... Bob turns out to be a vampire. Turns out joining that cult was a good idea after all! He hunts down everyone in this thread who has tried to kill him. That includes me. Oh crap.
after bob dares to step upon my property, i strangle that motherfucker with my bare hands
Billy shows up and deus ex machinas the heck out of this situation, pulling your hands off of Bob's throat.
a dude comes along and genetically engineers a special virus 100x as infectious as ebola and worse than rabies. For the first 3 weeks, bob notices nothing out of the ordinary as he goes about his daily life, unknowingly infecting everyone he comes in contact with. One day, bob notices he has a slight cough- it's begun. 2 days later, bob is bedridden, his legs too feeble to do more than twitch. he can barely breathe enough to do anything but cough up blood and voit, and his family is in panic mode. His closest relatives rush to his home state to see him, not sure if this is the last they'll see of ol' bobby. He can recognize their faces, but can't say anything to them at this point as the lockjaw has set in. in the middle of the constant bustle of doctors and specialists and iv tubes- bob catches a glimpse of his father- the same father that never seemed to have time for him, never came to his baseball games, never praised him for being on the honor roll... A tear rolls down his father's face as he mouths the words "i'm sorry". through his hazy vision and failing mind, bob feels at peace for what may be the first time in his life. His vision fades as he squeezes his eyes shut. A bright flash, both searingly hot and impossibly cold envelops him
This is the end that Bob deserves. So logically, the world doesn’t let him have it.
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