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Hopefully, we’ll meet later today

Is there a time that works for you?
no, I have strict parents.

My soul has been claimed already.
Did you think I’d try?

Do I look like that kind of user?
Hard to say. Are you?

Was it bad I answered a question with a question?
Yeah, it was pretty bad...

Am I a hypocrite for saying that, given that I answered a question with a question too?
I don't know, are you?

Who the hell cares?
I think I care, maybe

Do YOU care?
I would probably think not.

where have I gone?
I think you’re right here.

What happened to this thread?
I have no idea whatsoever.

Any other lurkers out there?
No, there are no lurkers.

Does anyone eat donuts here?
Of course, they are delicious.

What are your doughnut preferences?
Jelly or custard taste good

Do you prefer filled or frosted for donuts?
I like one with both.

can you join my scavenger hunt pls
No, I already said why

What do people like about Roblox?
I really have no idea.

What's the oldest game you still play?
Kirby’s Epic Yarn’s pretty old

Do you feel bad?
Yes, about your missing comma

Did you notice my missing period
No, because it’s a question.

Do you care that I rarely punctuate?
No, actually. I really don't.

wy due peppl kare so mch abot othr peepl's spelin an grammer
I don’t knyow, weawwy uwu

Do you know what that said?
"I don't know why, uwu"?

Do emoticons (like uwu) count as words?
Really, not why, and yes.

What is the difference between uwu and owo?
Two ‘u’s and two ‘o’s
How much does punctuation matter?
I don’t really care, myself

Do you identify as a “grammar Nazi?”
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