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Banned for prescriptivism.
Banned because i have auto correct off and im to lazy to capitalize my words
Banned for having a good point
Banned for basically banning an incocent person
Banned for overuse of double letters and misspelling “innocent”
azerty said:
Banned for excessive quotation mark usage
Banned for reposting my own goddamn reply
Banned because you are now a hypocrite
banned because you are wrong
banned! by the gods of real estate
Banned because it's free real estate
banned for referencing a meme without showing the meme
Banned for stealing my profile pic
Banned for slander bc this is my own profile pic ya twat
banned for saadi g
Banned bc I don’t know what (who?) that is
Banned for not knowing what something was on the internet
Banned because the Internet is confusing
Banned for not making a very creative pfp
Banned for hypocrisy
Banned for assuming delbeto's pfp isn't creative
Banned for talking about delbeto
banned for censoring who we can and can't talk about
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