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Granted, but now you are a ghost forever.

I wish that people wouldn't lie unless it is something like presents and whatnot.
Granted, but they are confused and think that everything is a present that they are giving to someone else.

I wish that Kek was a real religion.
granted. people abandon their hate for islam, judaism, catholicism, etc. to hate Kek.

i wish i had more time to do homework but also enough time to sleep.
Granted, but you use that time to do something completely unproductive

I wish I could see 30 seconds in the future
Granted, you only get to use it once because you predict that space ships destroy Earth in thirty seconds.

I wish I was here more often
Granted. You never get to leave.

I wish for a good pair of shoes.
Granted. You take them out for a jog, and in your excitement over these new shoes, you stop paying attention to the running path and step in guano.

I wish for a longer extension cord.
Granted, it is so long you cannot find the ends.

I wish to be able to find my tablet.

Edit: BTW what is guano?
Granted, you find you tablet but it has an unremovable virus on it.

I wish I could be ritch without being famous or infamous
Granted, you're poor, and your name is Ritch.

I wish for some cinnamon.

^^ Donutmanman, Guano is another word for animal dung.
Granted. A whole spoonful appears in your mouth. Welcome to the Cinnamon Challenge.

I wish for a shot of bourbon.
Granted, but it's strong enough to give you a hangover after just one shot.

I wish I could shapeshift.
Granted, but only into a turd. Also, you can't change back. Good Luck

I wish for better wishes.
Granted, but they are all corrupted.

I wish that people wouldn't dis me so often
Granted, they spread rumors instead.

I wish I could have any book i wanted at the moment by snapping my fingers.
Granted, but it’s in a language you can’t read.

I wish I was not in the garage right now.
Granted, you wake up naked in a German porn dungeon

I wish I didn't know what a German porn dungeon was
Granted, however you get locked in one anyways

I wish for some eggs
Granted, but you can't eat them or use them in any way.

I wish that I had everything I needed for my game cube and the stuff was in brand new condition.

I wish someone would respond on Craigslist to buy this GameCube I just "found".
Granted, the guy talking right above you. (on this forum)

I wish for more knowledge about trigonometry.
Granted, but you don't understand the basic math required to do the calculations.

I wish I understood how binomial expansion worked in statistics.
Granted but it is the only thing you understand. You forget everything else which means you die a horrible death from sudden forgotten bodily functions.

I wish I had a cat
Granted, but it is only 3 cm tall and you keep losing it. And at this point you're not sure if it's even still alive. It really could be anywhere.

I wish I could play erhu.
granted, but you get arrested for playing it in an anti-chinese country.

I wish I didn't find porn of something whenever I searched up fanart of it.
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