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Banned for using unusually modern slang.
Banned for language-lawyering a ban notice.
Banned for using the phrase language-lawyering
'Tis the sport, to have the engineer hoist with his own petard.

Banned because you just used it, too.


IN B4 "BANNED FOR SHAKESPEARE"; I can't be banned for that. Only "barred". As in, 'The Barred of Avon'. GET IT??
Banned for wording with plays.
Banned for playing with words.
Banned for playing with wordplay.
Banned for using 95% of the last ban reason
Banned for using the percent sign
Banned because he could have been trying to type 5, but hit the shift button as well.
Banned because why the heck would 5 make sense there
Banned because you can't assume his train of thought
Banned for being very incorrect
Banned for not considering every option.
Banned for looking at every option, Sherlock.
Banned for using unnecessary italicization
Banned for banning italicization when it was used in an appropriate manner.
Banned for banning a public account
banned for not allowing someone to continue the thread
banned for implying that you wanted to continue the thread
Banned for implying that this thread would die.
Banned for claiming I was implying this thread should die.
Banned for arguing with a ban
banned for changing pfp twice in a single day
Banned for being stubborn about pfps
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