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Got something that's not quite strong enough for the hate thread but you still want to whine about it? Here's your place!

I'll start things off by complaining about my job workload. It's really frustrating that I often just don't have time to implement some of the process improvements that I really want to. It's also really challenging when I have three jobs being installed simultaneously, such that I end up being pulled in a million different ways with issues that are ALL urgent and time sensitive.
I come from a long line of complainers. My parents are complainers. Their parents were complainers. I'm trying not to continue the legacy, but here I am complaining about it...
My works been playing the same Shania Twain pandora station for a few months now. The same 20 or so songs play every day plus a few random new ones here and there. I'd almost gotten used to it until today when the Safelight Glass garage on the other side of a wall where I work decided to blast a country radio station as well. Never have I experienced such migraine inducing hell.
I have a deck of cards - nice name-brand ones - that is missing three cards and has been for quite a long time. Meanwhile the crappy deck still has all its cards so we have to use that one while the good cards are so close, yet so far away.
My teacher said the way I take notes sucks (even though they are effective and fast), so I’m taking notes a different way which is taking up 4x as much space (it’s digital but still annoying) and more than 2x as much time.
I find it really annoying when a teacher grades you on your notes.
Yeah ikr she said it would be hard to use them on a study guide (joke’s on her: I don’t use my notes for study guides). I find her history class annoying and prefer my old history teacher.
azerty said:
different way which is taking up 4x as much space (it’s digital but still annoying)

Is it OneNote?

evergreen said:
I find it really annoying when a teacher grades you on your notes.

My HS Biology teacher was that way - unbelievably picky about how we kept our notebooks. Numbered pages, points off for underlining without a ruler, important terms to be written in color, penmanship score... Gag me with a telomere.
I changed classes to the AP section just to get a different teacher. And because I could actually focus on the material instead of perfect-notebook boot camp, I had a great time.
I especially hate the penmanship thing. These aren't public notes. Their sole purpose is for me to read later. I can read them fine. Essays and stuff, fine. But notes?

I had a teacher in middle school who graded notes. She also moved fast. I can write neat or I can write fast, not both!
My teachers who graded notes eventually stopped grading my notes because they got really tired of having to ask me “is this an s or a g? A 4 or 9? Is this weird thing supposed to be an ampersand?”.
Yeah, the only class I ever came close to failing in highschool* was "Regents Prep" or something in 7th grade, where you had to take notes Just So and arrange every paper you ever received for the course Just So and file and categorize the handouts with different colors Just So.

I got like a 70 in the course and an A on all the Regents Tests it was supposed to be preparing me for, so. y'know.

*wait no, I failed my last quarter of AP chem because I had terrible senioritis and I just stopped doing any work.
My middle school science teacher would take off between half and one point from my lab write-ups because they were “messy.” This means that I had bad handwriting and crossed stuff out. I’d have to redo the write-ups up to 3 times (1 or 2 pages of paper each time, up to 6 total) before turning them in. I could write them up on a computer, but I hated the way they looked and they were harder to put in the binder she required we had. Fortunately, she never yelled at me for making my c, a, and d all similar on the tests like she did to other students. (Multiple choice tests, handwritten answers)
^ I mean, that’s fair enough. When you’ve got ~20 assignments to mark you don’t want to be wasting time squinting at every single word and trying to understand what the hell the kid is on about.

Neatness is also a good life skill to have. Part of my job is to type up hand-written plumbers’ reports and it causes huge problems when it’s illegible, all misspelt and a mess.
No, I totally get it. Just complaining about my shitty handwriting, I guess. I used to have great handwriting, but I changed schools to one that didn’t place so much emphasis on handwriting, so I started to slack and my handwriting sucks.
I am purposefully getting fucked around with at work and I'm stunned about it. I connected dots, later that I wanted to admittedly... but I'm just fucking livid now.

Timeline to make this as easy as possible to read/pick through:

  • Hired to do non-defense recruitment, promised flexible remote schedule, would not be dealing with other recruiters
  • VP who hired me leaves company, is replaced by a Good Ole Boy ex-military
  • "You can now only work once a week remotely, immediately for the Navy, and we are closing the office you were hired into so get ready to commute 2hrs one-way"
  • Friend gets sick, dad gets surgery, work out a temporary plan while still sourcing for my own roles
  • My roles taken from me, assigned underneath incompetent recruiter, written up for not making the commute WHILE ON MY PLAN
  • Write up tossed by HR, still pushed to make long drive
  • Confronted rudely by recruiters, reassigned after 6 weeks of being berated
  • New recruiter treats me just as bad having seen everyone else treat myself and associate that way
  • Purposefully ignores emails, stands up candidates at interviews, throws me under the bus for all the sourcing issues because it's obviously my fault
  • HR and new VP: "KANYE SHRUG"
  • 5th candidate for same high-need priority role stood up today at interview
  • Complain to VP again
  • "You're acting like a fucking child, this is how a PROFESSIONAL office operates. You aren't meeting your own #s, stop complaining about other people"
  • Have met my #s consistently, provided documentation, HR CC'd
  • "Just go home, we will deal with you later."

Why does this happen?
Oh, right, I work for the DoD and am a mostly white woman under 40.

Edit: and if anyone is looking for a job with me, no worries - you'd never work under any of these folks!
I have to write an essay with specific formatting and content requirements that force me to exceed the 2-page limit or risk a poor grade for being vague. I don’t think my teacher is very good.
Cichlids are fucking boring as fuck and I am making a formal internet complaint about their boringness.
They're interesting fish to raise. They got social structure. They look after their babies.
Plus, both Tilapia and Angelfish are Cichlids. That's gotta count for something.
Yeah that does count for something and I’ve been interested in raising cichlids for a while now, but I’m sick of every ‘cool’ environmental biology guest lecture involving cichlids and I’m sick of seeing grad students’ posters on cichlids. It’s like no matter what part of the biology building and the biochemistry building I go to I see Nothing. But. Cichlids.
Repeatedly ask "Is that a goldfish?" in a fascinated tone. Every time you see one.
"No, this is a long-finned Oscar. You see, they're particularly interesting because-"
"So it's a goldfish, right? Why does it look so weird?"
"It's an Oscar-"
"I think there's something wrong with your goldfish. It's all white. Goldfish are supposed to be gold."

Just keep going. Don't stop.
Lol, I did that to this annoying grad student who wouldn’t shut up about the cichlids he kept when we were neighbors. He started fidgeting, threw his hands up in the air, and went “I know you know that it’s not goldfish! I know you’re smart enough to not even know what a cichlid is and know it isn’t a goldfish! You’re screwing with me, aren’t you?”

I mean, it’s really not my fault if they look like trippy goldfish.
There was this one guy at an event I went to with my SO who went to Duke university and was bragging about it and such. When he brought it up, I just was all, "Duke? I'm not familiar with it.... is it, like, a good university?" He got pretty offended haha, it was great.
I mean, not to burst his bubble, but outside the US Duke isn't well known for anything other than the lacrosse team that was accused of and acquitted of gang rape.
If I ever see him again I will be sure to bring that up.
Yeah. To me, Duke is a Genesis album.
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