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Conversations are an important part to life, and me being socially inept is terrible at talking to people. Thus I'm retreating to this corner of the internet and gonna have a chat with anyone who passes by.
So what sort of festivals do you guys celebrate in your part of the world?

I want to say I celebrate ~3 but it's more of a commemoration than an actual celebration
We only really have campus events here. Back home, though, there are "festivals" all the time, especially out toward the gentrified parts of town.
I guess my school celebrates every holiday. Can't say I've been to any public celebrations other than the one for national day.
I live in a small young country, so I've never seen the effects of gentrification. What's it like? How long has it been there? What do you and your neighbours think about it?

(Is this how follow up questions work or am I asking too much?)
This might be easier to talk about if you let us know specifically which country you're referring to, unless you don't feel comfortable sharing.
IIRC it's Singapore.
My college town had things for Diwali and Holi (Indian festivals of Light and Color, respectively). But usually holidays in the US are more private parties than public festivals. The closest thing you get is a lot of people celebrating something independently at the same time, rather than some community-run event. Sometimes people get together in public to count down to New Year's, but it's more often house parties or individual families doing it.
I wonder if I can use Christmas as an excuse to get to know my neighbours better? I've only seen them every now and then, don't even know their names yet.

Although that would mean I need to get a round of Christmas presents to give them
Giving sounds like a good way to break the ice even without a holiday. If money is a limiting factor or if you're worried about choosing the 'right' gift, try food.
Can't go wrong with a box of Ferrero Rocher XD

(I wonder if this cultural trend is universal)
I would assume so, but they would probably give their neighbors different food items, depending on where in the world they are.

Do they typically give just desserts?
Food is a very universal thing. Everyone needs it.

Deserts or other baked items, I'd say. They don't spoil easily and you get to keep your cooking dish.
It's kinda weird to give your neighbor a ham.
Can't go wrong with a box of Ferrero Rocher XD

(I wonder if this cultural trend is universal)
A bottle of wine or other alcohol is also a way to never go wrong in some places. Where I live, pretty much any person you look at enjoys drinking. Even the ones who don’t still appreciate receiving it as a gift.
Ferrero Rocher is a brand of fancy chocolate lmao. It is very commonly given as presents.
Oh I know. I was saying that wine is another common gift, even cheap wine.

Wine any any other alcohol containing drink. Alcohol is a common gift, basically.
Personally I don't intend to ever drink, and I try to make sure my dad doesn't drink much. Given this position on alcohol, I don't think I would give anyone a bottle unless I know they really like it
But obviously no normal neighbor would refuse a gift, even if they never intend to use it.
True, true.

So have you guys met your neighbours?
I think my wife has and our kids play together sometimes but I mostly just say 'hi' on my way from the car to the front door.
I am acquainted with them, but I'm still young so it's probably not as important to me at this time in my life.
True, true.

So have you guys met your neighbours?

On one side: seemingly friendly dude who I'm pretty sure beats his wife. :(

Kitty-corner: my coworker, our lead programmer. He's a chill guy and we share many opinions.
What? Beats his wife? Shouldn't you report that or investigate further?
We did call the cops on them once, but nothing came of it. They can't really prosecute unless the woman wants to. The cops here are also assholes.
I like meeting my neighbors. It’s nice because if you ever need anything, you already have familiar people around. I had bad neighbors once though. It was one of those situations where it’s one really big house with 4 really big bedroom/kitchen apartments. The old way apartments were. The people who lived in the apartment across from mine were really nice people. Asked me to reach out to them if I ever needed anything. Then one day I heard arguing (worse than it usually was) and I heard plates breaking and angry shouting from both of the ladies living together. One of them wasn’t paying rent because they were spending money on stupid stuff. Then I heard the words from the one who had spent all her money on stupid stuff “How can you expect to bring a baby into the world if you can’t stop spending your money on heroin?!” I got up and left. I came back and someone else had called the cops. They couldn’t get in the building cause they didn’t have a key. I let them in and told them “Just make sure they know I wasn’t the one who called.”

Of course nothing happened though. Cops tend to handle domestic disputes very badly.
My upstairs neighbours (who I like) are moving out. I hope I get good replacements.
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