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Cheers luv! It's thanksgiving, that holiday I don't personally celebrate, but hey, there isn't a thanksgiving thread yet, so I"ll take the liberty to make one. Have fun you all :D
I'm thankful that you can turn a celebration of gratitude into violent robbery by changing the letters in 'Thanksgiving' to 'ganks thieving'.

And yes also the usual stuff too; friends and family, health and wealth, wine, women, and song.
Food is awesome and terrifying on thanksgiving. I learned what evil amazing things you can do with sour cream.
...evil sour cream? I'm intrigued.
Sweet corn, corn bread, cream corn, butter, sour cream, cheese. These were the freaking ingredients in a food I ate way too much of then asked for the ingredients. That was a casserole. The cheese was a melted layer on top. It was the sour cream keeping everything together! There’s a reason my family only makes it two times a year...
....Oh man. It has never occurred to me to make a casserole out of my cornbread. Creamed corn and jalapeno/habanero cornbread would make an amazing combo. I also have a bunch of leftover cornbread.... hng.
I never really liked cornbread with peppers in it. I liked almost any other type of bread with peppers, but I found cornbread too sweet to put spicy into it.
My cornbread isn't sweet (it's more savory, almost - moist and buttery with lots of cheese!), so it works better than in the dry and sweet cornbread.
on toasted rolls
sorry, it was important.
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