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What'd you do for Christmas? Did you get/give any really great gifts this year?
Got a 3D printer. Fighting with my parents about it, when I get to use it, where, etc.
I got an engagement ring for Christmas.

I got a copy of this book. I also got one last year. My dad said he'd buy me a new book. I told him at least he has good taste.
tc3692 said:
I got an engagement ring for Christmas.

Oh dang, congrats!!
Thank you thank you.
I got a Kelty tarp and I am vvvvvv happy about it. My cousin rocks.

My (extended) family has started this thing where instead of getting everyone a twenty dollar gift, we draw names and you get one person a hundred dollar gift. It's worked out great so far. Everyone gets something they really like, instead of five mediocre things.
So I got a double hammock, a sick tarp, and some poles.
Happy Candlenights, friends

we stayed in the country for a few days over christmas because staying at home would've been sad this year. It was a lovely area, mountainous/foresty region. Hit me up on insta if anyone really wants to see photos. No one murdered each other despite three adult siblings sharing a tiny bedroom with two bunk beds in it

one of my brothers gave me the marc jacobs Eau So Fresh Daisy perfume, which smells gorgeous, i like it better than the original Daisy one. Normally i really struggle to find a perfume i can stand so this is extra exciting.
It has been brought to my attention that I've always been single on Christmas. I've been single most of my life, sure, but none of the few relationships I've had have ever extended into the holiday period. Just one of those things that once brought to mind I can't seem to stop thinking about.
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