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Please someone help.
I've been trying to find Walzyx for like 3 days now.
I never seem to get truly closer, I've been within the 1-2 milliwalz range for so long.
This thread is for people that wandered into the games section and what's going on.
Also the sandwich platformer game is pretty fun you should try it out.
dibs on your soul for now
anyways I'll help
Once I eventually picked the right planet, Walzyx was horizontally very close to where I entered the atmosphere. And that planet had no hats. So when you get there it should be clear you've found the right one.

But wait a moment, did you say miliWalz? That means you're very far away since signal strength goes down with distance. The closest planets should give you IIRC ~3Walz.
If you're closing in on Walzyx the readings should be an increasing progression, something like 5mW, 38mW, 94mW, 610mW, 1.8W.
Can someone share a link to this game? I can't find it
What's the maximum number of hats on one planet? I just got 8 on antaeus alpha 1
Infinite, theoretically. You're only supposed to grab three and then leave.
Yeah, so after days of trying to find walzyx, I accidentally closed the tab.
I quit.
Do the Walz readings follow an inverse square law?
The game description says they do.
I never got a reading higher than 600 mWalz before finding the guy. Maybe the max reading is 1 Walz
That would make sense. There's only one Walzyx. Why not handily define the unit by the thing you're measuring? 1G.