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We really need an app and I know that you can get on safari but the reach and the mobaliblity would be far greater
I Really love this site and i think that it would work great on mobile
1. This should go in site feature requests
2. This has been requested already and Blake said that it would be too complicated (for now)
3. Dibs on your soul?
dammit, beat me to it.

3. Dibs on your soul?

You didn't say it assertively, you said it tentatively. The soul is still up for dibs.
Who wants to officially claim it?
Dibs on their soul
dibs on someone
dibs on someone

I'm afraid you have to be specific and get there first. There is also now a ClAiMeD SOuLs thread, which is the preferred place to call dibs. Disrupting other threads has been a thing until recently, but we're trying to cut back on that.
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