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Let's have random conversations cause why not.
Okay, I'm chill with that my bro-ski ^^
Where did it all go wrong?
It went wrong the moment Machamp put on those sunglasses.
the true question is who is Machamp
The Pokemon in his pfp
I see... that is a great question actually, why does Machamp have sunglasses?
it's sentient

Edit: nobody claimed til.i.die's soul, so I guess it's mine now X:)
Aw shiz, if I knew that I would've stolen her soul >.>
I've always wondered if soul-trading is possible. Like, can I trade somebody a couple of souls I have dibs on for a couple of souls they have dibs on? Or could I trade in some other souls to get the rights to my soul back?

Also, AFAIK, it's not soul-claiming, it's calling dibs. I.E., when they no longer use it, it goes to you, not that you own it right now. Though I might be wrong about that.
I agree. It's a future claim only.
i NEVER wanted my soul to be claimed!! can i have it back please
I'm pretty sure they're just calling dibs on your soul for when you're done with it. If you aren't going to ever give it up I don't think there's much of a risk.

Edit: This has been stated a few times already, sorry for the redundancy
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