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It's literally in the title. Give us random facts!
1. There is more Monopoly money printed in the U.S each year than actual money.
the longest recorded human turd is 26 feet
Pringles aren't chips. They're made up of dehydrated potato flakes, not cut potatoes. Legally they have to be labeled as crisps.
Abraham de Moivre predicted his own death date with MATH!
Hydroids are a plant-like animal related to jellyfish
Longleaf pine trees are edible, all parts of the tree. I can’t convince anyone I know to eat any of it, so I’m going to trick some people into eating some of it.
Pine tea's a good place to start. Try tossing out the first batch and boiling the needles again. Just as much Vitamin C, much less sap taste.
I’ll have to sneak the pine in there with some other herbs and dried fruits. Some people would get it right off. That’s a good idea though. See I’ve got some unwilling people. I was sorta thinking along the lines of stir fry. The really young part of the new branchesm the fleshy part. And also the immature male cones. I’d say nuts, but like, I’ve never seen a pine nut from these pine trees. Probably small.
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