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Have you experimented with switching to tea?
I find tea actually makes me somewhat nauseous.

I believe it has something to do with how much you eat for breakfast (I think there's an acid in black tea that causes nausea if left undiluted with food), and given I usually eat a light breakfast (if I eat breakfast at all), it usually causes me to feel a little sick in the early morning.

On an unrelated note, I've switched to the Soylent Cafe line, which hasn't been causing me too much trouble. I just grab one on my way out and drink it on my drive to school, and it's pretty convenient. Meal and Coffee in one chug at the first traffic light.
Soylent Café is peopleCoffee!

Now tea, that's what I like and usually stick to.
It's fairly versatile and I prefer the milder taste-- and I don't crash as hard, thankfully.
Kylljoy said:
acid in black tea that causes nausea if left undiluted with food
This matches what I've heard /r/tea talk about. I don't usually start drinking until mid-morning so can't confirm from my own experience, but it sounds legit.

I'd suggest comparing the effects of basic teabag black with some better-quality loose-leaf, see if you get the same thing. Part of tea quality is careful handling, leading to bigger leaf pieces (ideally, unbroken) that expose less of the inner leaf structure and release a different mix of chemicals when brewed. Look for the bulk tea in your local hippie-food store. It may not be the freshest, but that's only a problem for green tea.

As a more accessible experiment - cold-brewing tea works great. Put a teabag in 20oz of water overnight and see how you like it. This should taste better, too.
If you can find mint anywhere (it's really prolific, so it's likely you'll be able to scrounge some up), try fresh mint tea. Holy **** is it good. No caffeine in it, though.
Someone tell me the bitterest thing they can think of for me to drink. I like bitter things. I’m thinkin chicory, dandelion roots, and then a bunch of black pepper because fuck it. Needs some flavor.
I heard someone's story about not taking the shopkeeper seriously when they said watch out for the ku ding.
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