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Who are we putting in all those positions?
I think Antimony defs gets to run the FDA.
Woohoo! Time to reconsider what’s GRAS! That’s something that could really use doing... I say grayseff as a Supreme Court Justice.
Blake definitely gets the title of BDFL. Or Grand Poobah. Whatever we're calling the leader.

And I'd suggest a SUPREME BATTLE TO THE DEATH™ between the mods for the role of VP

And would this structure be an amalgam of the structures of multiple foreign governments?
It's whatever we want it to be.
If the Touchy Subjects section is anything to go by, our court system is going to be... fun.
I think Jash gets to be VP, cause he always agrees.
Good point

I'm thinking of Hydrogen as the Attorney General since he always seems to have good reasoning and evidence behind his points. There might be a couple contenders for that position though. (Attorney Colonels?)

Census would be done by the Who's Online Right Now? thread.
Legislature would just be the Q&A section. Use the polling ability for important bills that need to be voted on.

Would we be a religious state or secular state? Who am I kidding, we'd totally be religious based off the persistent belief that souls exist and can be claimed.

Treasury would be in Arale's Basement and would be backed by VM-Standard (The value of whatever you can get from the Magic Vending machine for a $1).


What would we use as currency, or if using paper money, what would it be called?

I'm thinking "Can-adian Dollars" or "Strings and Threads" (Ala dollars and cents), but that could also work.

Ooh, how about Bitcan? It's a cryptocurrency that uses the Blakechain.
Oh God don't make Blockchain jokes where Blake can hear.

SITE UPDATE : Added Security.

  • You now need the proper hash to log in to your account.
  • You can retrieve the hash from any Blakechain miner.
  • There are currently three miners in the world : One in the Arctic (Don't have to pay for cooling), one in a Swiss Vault (They'll shoot you on sight), and one at Point Nemo.
  • Retrieving a hash requires visiting a miner in person.

In other news, I've add timeouts due to complaints about accounts staying active on public computers. You will be automatically logged out of your account every five minutes, regardless of activity.

The TCaS App has received new updates:
  • After months requesting its fix, the annoying bug that resulted in Mods accessing Credit Card information has finally been squashed.
  • In-app purchases have been added. In order to support String Labs, there are now loot crates with letters in them. Collect enough letters and you can possibly post!
  • Android support has been added. TCaS can now be launched from any Cyborg or Synth. Mark Zuckerburg is also compatible due to backwards-compatibility.
  • Removed the bug that caused the phone to repeatedly call the police when on the Neighborhood Watch thread
  • Located the issue that caused Alexa to activate when posts mentioning "Okay Google" are loaded. Pending fix.

  • Kylljoy was found to be an error in the Q&A flagging algorithm that resulted in annoying sentences being posted to the forum. Fixed.
  • Alfanewmerik has been appointed as a mod. God help us all.

  • Reactivate the Crayon Compiler. This has been pushed back again to make way for the new expansion DLC. ETA : 16 months.
Hey, repeat that bit with the something-chain?

I wonder how O'Harean currency would turn out to be, if such a thing can exist.
Jakobiner/Anton/Sophrosyne would be commissar general of the revolutionary guard while I lead an insurgency with old timey marching songs.
I wonder how O'Harean currency would turn out to be, if such a thing can exist.

It would be timed with the rise and fall of the TCaS empire of course.

Now how much would $Ineo.12.129.3, 16 cents, and 214 quadrants be?

Also, dear lord I just realized how fun writing fake site updates is.
Kylljoy said:
And I'd suggest a SUPREME BATTLE TO THE DEATH™ between the mods for the role of VP
I refuse to battle. Being VP sounds boring. Put me in diplomacy of some sorts. Or in a foreign minister kind of deal. I'm obviously very foreign, so that should work. Very foreign, yes. Much exotic jaxxie is. (That's how that works, right? You appoint the most exotic/foreign person around to be minister of foreign affairs.)
I call running for board of education
Court Jester, standing by.
I call running for board of education

Do we want a board of education? They'd probably tell us to get off this site and do our homework.

Can I be director of communications? Not that I want to tell anyone else to shut up, I just don't want someone else telling me
Since the site is social media, Director of Education and Communications Director sound like the same job.
What about the oft forgotten secretary of the interior? I'll do that.
I'm sure we can all agree a large tin monument is in order, and the whole of our territory will be a national park.
I'll write the National Anthem

Sung to the tune of "O Canada":

O Can&String!
Our home of string and cans!
True forum love for the often-user clan.
With bright 'lil dots the time flies,
The Stringed-Can that we can see!
From Q and A,
O Cans&String, we browse with a plea:
Blake, keep our land glorious and bug-free!
O Cans&String, a site for you and me
O Cans&String, a site for you and me
Well, if the entire territory is a national park, would it be a power grab to claim the directorship of the National Parks Service?
Are you kidding?

Everyone knows the llamas secretly run the national parks
I was thinking of standing as Minister of Procrastination, but I think i need a bit more time to consider.
I'll be lead campaign manager if this is a democracy.
I can help with a proletariat uprising if this is an authoritarian system.

but what'll taxes be like and also will there be a universal standard income of burritos
I wanna be some kind of health director. my country is top 10% for safety in nationstates.
I'll be assistant director.

And resident assassin why not.
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