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Well, I like eating my strawberries chopped into halves, and then salt and peppered.
I like eating blackberries with honey.
I like eating raspberries not.
I like eating apple cubes with the peel still attached.
And I like eating pears cut into fourths.
I prefer my watermelon to be cut into triangles to eat.
And I think that's about it.
Thanks for reading.
I like eating apples with a knife.
I like to eat fruits in a dodecahedron
I like to eat my fruit in a klein bottle
I like mine frozen from time to time, particularly berries.
Apples should only be eaten with the skin and not cut up at all and eat the core too. Feel free to pick out the seeds and stems, but the stems are nice too. Fuck the seeds.
There is quite a bit of satisfaction in taking huge chunks off the apple with the first few bites.

I secretly kinda want to buy a chocolate fountain, it'd probably end up in a corner somewhere though.
apple cider is great with shaved ice
I prefer eating crisp apples with smoked goat cheese as well as strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries with crackers topped with aged cheddar and drizzled with honey.
I actually really like watermelon rinds.
I prefer to bite off banana chunks of the natural 3-way split.
I like to eat my grapes frozen and let it thaw in my mouth a little

Strawberries are usually cut and then if there's whipped cream around eat them smothered in the cream
Blackberries squished up in milk.
bananas taste better sliced
if you fry an apple with a nuclear bomb, it tastes best. It has this nice metallic taste and still kinda the apple taste.
Orange salad.

...It's just a bowl full of chopped oranges.
Guys, which quat do you all like best: kumquat, limequat, mandarinquat?
Black grapes and banana is a great combo.
oooOooh, that is a good quat, antimony.
They can make you kinda sleepy too. They grow all over the place where I live.
Paw paw season is a magical time. I'm going to try and make bread this year.

Also, who here has had jackfruit? I have questions.

We had a loquat tree growing up that came down in a huge storm. I miss those things.
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