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It's gotten a bit too hot for me to handle lately with the studying habits I've adopted over the years. I can't allow myself to lose complete nights of sleep as often as I do to simply not being able to work on an especially daunting essay or research paper. Last week was the real kicker. I somehow managed to force myself to finish a collection of sources and research notes that was assigned a month ago 3 days before it was due. If anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it!
You could try what I do: convince yourself that you’re actually going to die or become an abject failure (whichever is easier to convince yourself of at the time) if you don’t do what you’re assigned as soon as you get it or study what you just had a lecture on.
something that helps me is to pretend i'm in a movie where they do that study scene, with crossed legs and a sharp pencil and two textbooks open
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