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Here's a post for all the Greta Thorys out there:
Ecosia has higher ethical standards than Google, so it's a bit unfair that they aren't as popular.

While Ecosia is a for-profit business , the founder cannot sell and profits cannot be taken out of the company. They also put forward most of their funds to planting trees. Ecosia "devotes 80% of its search ad profits to helping communities" They do this by hiring organizations within communities to do the dirty work of planting trees for them, Killing two birds with one stone. more here: Is Ecosia any good 10 Q&A... YouTube

One disadvantage to Google that Ecosia has is it doesn't collect data to personalize searches and adds. This is because the business is extremely ethical and believes in privacy. Actually, their main disadvantage is being so Ethical all the time. For example, here's a news clip TLDR: Google is greedy; Ecosia said no.

Only .26% of the population currently use Ecosia.
Probably because 96% use Google. This is probably because Google is advertises more and is traditionally accessible, while Ecosia, with less profit and more standers, has less money to set aside for advertising. (although their advertising campaign is actually quite good; they mostly use free platforms like YouTube to spread information about their company and display their info on the home page of their website.)
Here it is, if you want to try it :)
I like DuckDuckGo.
Hey! I use Ecosia now, and I think they don't track any searches either. It's a completely free extension on chrome too
OK, OK, Duck Duck Go users are valid. They also value ethical choices. (My boss is an avid supporter and my Grandma uses it too, and I've heard them talk about why it was better before.) Its ecosia for me tho. (prob because I don't care much about privacy)
Except that if you use Chrome, Google are tracking you anyway.
That's why I use Firefox on desktop and Brave on mobile.
I've noticed that Ecosia doesn't always have the same level of accuracy when it comes to looking for a specific piece of media that google does. Probably because it has less people using and searching with it.
That’s because it uses Bing, and Bing is just... Bing