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This thread exists to discus all the breathtaking things in your life that make you happy.

It could be music, video games, people, anything.
Learning more and more and more and more about drugs. Everyday I’m drug learning.
What's your favorite drug?
That is too hard to answer. There are so many cool ones. Migraine medications are very interesting. So are meds for COPD.
Talk about breathtaking.
One of my senor design projects was making an inhaleable medication delivery system. (Or at least doing the research for it). We looked into COPD for obvious reasons. Delivering your medicine directly to the lungs can have huge benefits, mostly increasing effective dosage amd reducing toxicity to your other organs.
We ended up going with a specific type of lung cancer instead. But it's some cool (if still theoretical) stuff.
I like drugs too. And how intricately drugs and food and supplements and everything works within the body.
What kinds do you find the most interesting? I really like epilepsy medications too. What’s your level of education btw?

As for breathtaking things, books. Reading books is so nice. Textbooks, novels - any kind. Language is pretty cool actually. To think that someone transmitted thoughts to me in the form ink on big stacks of paper between two pieces of hard cardboard. Talk about breathtaking.
I have a bachelor's in psychology, which is meh. I'm taking some classes this semester and hope to be getting my registered dietitian in the next few years so I can start working in nutrition. What about you?

Opioids are very interesting. Epilepsy medications and other alternative treatments are very interesting as well. But my favorite drug is methimazole because it has helped me. I'm biased.
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