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(Context) Ok so I attended a school assembly that was talking about the story of this person and his list. This list contained things to be happy for and I think it would be cool to create a list on here. I want to try and get as many thing to be happy and live for as possible. and be creative it can be as specific as you want. you can post as many as you want but you have to do them in separate posts so we can see how many different thing we have.
Ill start.

When you open an can of soda and you hear the crack and fizz
How the sky is literally breathtakingly beautiful, all the time, if you take a moment to actually consider it.
I have never seen an ugly sky, or even a mediocre sky.
I’ve seen an ugly sky before when I was living in the town I went to undergrad in. Imagine looking up at the sky at night and seeing a flickering, somewhat demonic orange glow from a mix of street lights, fires from oil rigs, and smog from oil refineries.

Getting to class and hearing a really cool lecture is something to be happy about.
Sounds dope as hell to me. Maybe the reasons behind it weren't the greatest, but it sounds like it looked pretty rad.
Okay yeah, I can’t deny it was fun to look at. Especially when the multicolored lights from the football stadium shined off the clouds.
going outside at night and its dead silent so i can look at the stars in peace
Being barely awake enough to slump on the bed and stare as the bedroom window slowly gets brighter.
Making a great memory with someone you care about
My family makes me really happy. my two older kids are dope as hell and My baby twins are really cool.
Twin babies, how lovely.
That feeling of accomplishment when you finally pull of a glitch is enough to keep me happy.
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