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is baguette yummy?
very yummy, nerd
why are both of your profile pictures so nice looking
love is powerful :p
Can confirm, baguette is yummy, and all of your pfps look nice
I'm more of a boule, braid loaf, or pull apart kind of person. Mostly because baguettes don't fit in my Dutch oven so I can't make them.
Usually I'll just get baguettes from Panera or the like, I definitely could never make them myself
i'm more of a portugese bread kinda guy c:
I'm not familiar, but it sounds quite good
I'm more of a beignet sorta gal, N E R D.
Yim yum! All sorts of breads are tasty. I like sourdough.
Y’all remember those tiny bread rolls you’d get at school cafeterias? That’s the best.
The kind of sweet ones that came individually packaged? Loved them. Kids kept throwing them into the "community share" basket when they got them for lunch for some reason.

I forgot to bring a lunch one day and survived only off of the returned bread rolls
I love the idea of the "community bread rolls", what an entertaining concept
A bit of a stretch on "bread" but you ever had handmade pretzels at any type of festival? They taste a million times better when you know (and get to see) exactly how they made it.
I think pretzels are allowable here. I'm a total sucker for Auntie Anne's, I'm getting hungry just thinking about them
Okay, all that's good....but. If you like rye, suffer.
Rye is better than those cafeteria rolls. Rye is the king of bread.
What do y'all think of the King's Hawaiian?
Used to eat them from time to time in my childhood. They're good right out of the bag, never really considered baking them for a long time.
I agree, but that bread slaps with butter :p
Always got a bunch at Thanksgiving, controversial opinion those were as good of food as anything else at the table then
Nah, during Christmas time I had Challah bread, which is like Jewish bread if ya don't know. I'm not religious but it's really damn good.