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I think it would be awesome to have grey shirts or hats with the TwoCans logo. This could help spread awareness, and would also look pretty rad.
^ Upvote. I'd by merch in a heartbeat (provided it doesn't use paypal because Whoo! Under 18!). Twocans mugs would be a must for me.

But if you're desperate for 'unofficial' merch, I suppose customink could work.
I just said unofficial because this is not an official idea, just a deepseeded desire.
How about a scarf that have the name on one side and the logo stretched out on the other side.
And the fringe could be the color of the lines on each side.
That would be amazing! Another idea is to has the mug just the logo, but black and white. But if you put a hot liquid inside, the name and logo appear in color.
Yeah. I’m gonna Photoshop some concepts for the shirt, hat, and scarf, and do the mug later.
I’ll post it in the subreddit, so be sure to check there in a few hours.
alright, shirt is posted. hat is postponed, i couldn't find any good hats. scarf will wait till later.
Oh my goodness, it looks so good! lets hope Blake sees this on the subreddit.
I wonder if Blake is on the subreddit.
I’m a cheap bastard and I would buy TwoCans gear. Will someone link the subreddit
Here it is.
Thank you
would purchase merch from Blake. Saw he mailed free badges for a limited time in Site Requests once... are extras for sale? If so where?
The badges weren't branded or anything, they were sheriffs badges. Im sure you could find them online, or at a party supply store
hahahahahahah thats amazing.
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