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Better a response too strong than a response too weak, I would guess.
Lewiston county sheriff's department had to put out a notice to ask people to stop flooding the emergency hotline reporting people for not wearing masks as its not a crime and not an emergency.

I'm all for flattening the curve, but I really detest that a lot of people's first instinct is to call the cops on someone over taking a walk with their dog not wearing a mask. That's detestable. American cops are trigger happy and jumpy, that could get someone killed. I'd rather catch Covid than have some poor bastard out for some fresh air and sunshine get arrested even if it were a crime.

Those people who call the cops and snitch lose the right to call non mask wearers Karens as calling the cops and snitching are Klassic Karen moves.

Safety is important, but people shouldn't lose their minds to that sort of degree.
I'm gonna respectfully disagree here, at least in the Australian context. I think reporting people for flouting public health orders is perfectly fine. And these are reportable offences, which can attract fines and jail time. My neighbours were having people over for a karaoke party when we were on stage 4 lockdown - I definitely reported that shit.
I think context matters. Am I gonna report my neighbor for going on a maskless stroll while maintaining social distancing? No. If my neighbors had the audacity to host a party, I would be more tempted.

I have to admit though that the temptation would come from selfishness. I'm so sick of feeling like I'm doing 5 times the work that this ought to be because others cannot be bothered or think they know more than medical professionals.
I can't speak for Australia, larana.
No - I guess I mean that I do report people breaking the rules here. I don't know what my response would be if we lived in the States.
One of the cops in my area literally grabbed someone by the back of the hair and smashed his face into a curb. That guy's crime? The cop said "Hey" and the person didn't respond because they didn't hear or see the cop.

Those are the kinds of thugs that respond when the cops are called around here.
Yeah, unfortunately cops here tend to be armed to the teeth and taught to be highly aggressive. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
That's a great way to put it.
Since quarantine started, I've started picking up mixology. I'm underage, mind you, so it mostly manifests as me mentally composing cocktails and never actually mixing them, or pestering my parents to let me get them tipsy make them drinks every couple of days. They've got a limited cabinet (Curacao, Tequila, Vodka and a small bottle of Gin), though, so I've been struggling to come up with anything interesting to mix, old or new. They vetoed Skittle Bombs, though, so I'm left with mostly gimlet and margarita variations to play around with.
You should try seeing what you could do with Campari. And Pernod. St. Germaine’s fun to use too. Also so is any violet flavored liqueur. I like drinks that taste like eating plants out of a garden.

If you can come up with something from these, I’ll try it. I know you don’t have access but if you can think anything up. Hell, I’ll try anything you come up with. Idk why cause I barely drink, but I have a shit ton of different liquors and liqueurs (which I always want to pronounce as “liqueers”).
Mojitos are the bomb. This is all I have to say on the topic.
During Covid I've been able to find a job. I thought it was impossible, but here we go :D
which I always want to pronounce as “liqueers”

I pronounce 'liqueur' normally, but I have to fight the urge to pronounce 'liquor' as 'lick-war'
Any college/grad/professional students dealing with what my school is calling “asynchronous” classes?
I deal with both but I’m in high school
Damn, I didn't think high schools would be doing it too. The only high schooler I know who's told me about his classes - it's the same as like, a half day but still regular, scheduled classes with a teacher over zoom. I fuckin' hate it, man. Between the option of using zoom to watch lectures instead of driving to the school early enough to listen to them in person before the person per room limit is reached and having a recording of a lecture to watch on some days (without any regularity to when they'll be the asynchronous lectures), it's incredibly easy to forget about everything and spend way too much time at my apartment.
There's in-person instruction involved in your asynchronous classes? My fully asynchronous class purely relies on recorded lectures and assignments. They also made Friday asynchronous day too.
Man. That's shit. And also pisses off my petty side as a teacher who is bending over backwards to not teach like that.
Ironically, I think that asynchronous Fridays in my case are better because what happens is that it essentially becomes a work day and I can finally catch up on work
I wish schools were either entirely online or entirely in person. This vague mix they’re doing at all levels... this ain’t working for me. I’m terribly at calendars. I can make ‘em and put stuff on ‘em. I’m rarely gonna look at them though. Like I just now changed it from September to October on my wall, and I ignore my phone a lot. Like I wake up most mornings and have to figure out where I go. I have a class scheduled for 8am on fridays. Except apparently today it’s at 9 and on zoom.
I live under one of the strictest lockdowns in the world. Apparently it's been 100 days since we entered this level. Yes it's good but also hard. We have four reasons to leave home, can't go more than 5km from home and must wear a mask outside or risk big fines.

It's horrible and I want to be able to complain about it even tho it's better than the alternative. Tomorrow there will hopefully be some easing of restrictions but our Premier is a hardass and will undoubtedly underdeliver on this.

The good news is that it's worked. In our state there's been one new case. No deaths. Yesterday was two new cases.
Meanwhile in MI, Whitmer just raised the alert level apparently. The only thing it affected was our first live choir recording got cancelled a day before. So close. :/
We have been seeing an increase in new cases and in deaths recently. Makes sense.
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