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Why "hit my line" instead of "hit me up". Also, "capping". Why is it "capping", where did it come from? And "mood". What mood are you in?

And no, I'm not shitting on young people. I just can't understand what you're saying.
I can answer a grand total of one of those things. Haven’t even heard of “capping”, honestly.
A mood seems to be an extremely relatable thing (ie, trying not to panic with all the COVID going around, being starved for social interaction or sunlight or any semblance to normal life)
But what’s the mood though. Like you would talk about staying sane during the covid shit, and one of your friends would say “mood”?
Saying "Mood" is basically the equivalent of saying "Same"
It's an expression of you relating or agreeing to a certain statement/condition

It could also represent more general topics, like a series of actions or a lifestyle could be labeled "mood" --But that is in category that verges on absurdity / is a little abstract

A more distinct example in the context of Covid-19 might be hearing your neighbor angrily shouting at some careless partygoers attending a public gathering
and then hearing your sibling respond with "mood."
It's just kids. You're gonna fall more and more outta touch. I'm about to be 34, but feel ancient around my daughter.
I know 'no cap', which basically indicates honesty, usually sort of in a 'not gonna lie' sort of way. No cap, Melissa is a jerk. I think it works the other way, so 'capping' is being a liar or otherwise hiding your real opinion.

'Mood' is sort of saying you agree with a certain sentiment. Saying you feel the same mood. Like saying 'word'. It's often used kind of ironically or facetiously.
Hit my line being a newer slang is actually funny because I thought it comes from phone line. So if you hit someone's line you're hitting them up on their phone line, but then it got broader context for just hitting someone up.
Capping is from 'no cap' like the person above me said.
Mood has been explained pretty well by everyone else, it literally would translate to "Man that causes me to have a mood I've been feeling (or want to feel)." So like, "getting way to deep about slang on twocansandastring" would be a 'mood' rn
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