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Snapchat is awful. It’s telling me when someone is typing. That means they’re getting it too. You can even see if they’re looking at it while you’re looking at it. This has to make normal people feel some weird compulsion to respond swiftly. Also everything else about it makes it look like something you’d get at toys r us. Why is this something some people prefer? I thought it was just for nudes? Fuck Snapchat.
There are about a million better private messaging apps, but there are some things I like about it. There are also a handful of people I only talk to on Snapchat and nothing else, otherwise I might get rid of it.
i just straight up deleted it, because anyone that wanted to talk to me on there could talk to me on discord.
I don’t like Snapchat because I can’t remember what the conversation was. So it’s a series of....half comments that make no sense
Yeah, and if you've seen something in a chat, it auto deletes if you tab out, unless you change the default settings.

The screenshot function is dumb, you can just take a picture with another device, it effectively does nothing. The UI is decent but the camera is always active, even within a dm or on the map. This serves the value of overheating the phone if it's developed poorly. One thing done really well is the story function, actually. Overall, meh/10.

I like the idea of it, the execution not so much.
Did the developers of Snapchat really forgot about home-power button?
No that sends a notification to the other person.

I'm talking about taking a separate phone or tablet being used to take a screenshot
I really never got to use Snapchat much. It just wasn't ever something I wanted. The story feature, I feel, was done pretty well on Instagram which I do use a ton and connect with all of my friends using. Oh and also the whole screenshot thing
I told my 12 year old he could use Facebook. He was like nah fam I have Snapchat and insta. I was like.... blink blink
Facebook is a total cesspool.
I love Facebook and Tiktok and I dont care who doesn't like it. lol
Reddit and Instagram are the only two social medias I check regularly.

Twitter too, I guess.
I use snapchat with a couple people, but it's not my main social media. I mostly spend time on reddit, twitter, and discord. I dabble with instagram, a bit. I also blog on wordpress.
Snapchat is awful. It’s telling me when someone is typing. That means they’re getting it too. You can even see if they’re looking at it while you’re looking at it.

This is a description of all chat apps.
I love Facebook and Tiktok and I dont care who doesn't like it. lol

My daughter was finally allowed Snapchat as a way to talk to her friends. Also 12.
My youngest sister, 16 years old, uses Snapchat a lot. It's her preferred way of messaging and it's kind of obnoxious to me. I mean, she has facebook, but she doesn't seem to use Messenger a lot. I tried to get her to use Telegram to talk to me, but I guess she preferred Snapchat or something, because that didn't stick. Probably because none of her other friends are on it.

So if she didn't sometimes send me snaps, I'd probably uninstall the app. Although my boyfriend and I sometimes browse the map, just to see what weird shit is going down in other countries. That can be entertaining.
So he's upgraded from 'boyfriendo' to full boyfriend? Congrats, you two.
Hahaha, well he's definitely full boyfriend. I mean, it's been almost 4 years so. Things are gooood. And we've been living together since 2017. Although I don't know if boyfriend is an upgrade from boyfriendo. Boyfriendo just sounds more fun and less high-schooly, which is why I prefer to use that term.
So he has many names. Boyfriend, boyfriendo, SO, sambo (which Google translate translates to partner).
Don't use s*mb* in the US, however...
Oh. Okay, I see. Never heard the word. In Sweden it literally means something like "together-liver." As in someone whom you live together with.

Edit: Wiktionary suggests the word "co-habitant".
That's really formal tho. I'd say roommate/housemate but that implies you don't have a deeper relationship beyond the living situation.
Yeah, exactly. Sambo is a great word because it most often means "people who are living together in a relationship, but aren't married".
Here partner is the normal word for unmarried person you are dating after the initial dating/boyfriend-girlfriend period
Here as in New Zealand, or is it just generally common in the English-speaking world? The word "partner" for me is largely associated with cop movies and shows and whatnot. My sense of language for English is probably warped in a weird way due to not hearing many everyday colloquialisms. As in most of the English I listen to is from shows/movies, not from people just going on about their lives.
Partner has become a lot more popular in the English speaking world in the past, oh, five years or so? For a while I feel like it was only associated with queer relationships, but now its usage has expanded and normalized to a large degree.
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