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I would've made it a question, but I wanted to see what multiple peoples' answers and explanations were.
AGREE or DISAGREE, and why? (What led you to believe in your cause?)
"You should hold onto your dreams; if you work hard enough for them they will come true."
Agree because giving up on your dreams only lowers your confidence, if that makes sense.
I'm going to go out on a limb and disagree here. Sure your dreams are important, but sometimes there's too much for someone to manage. I had a friend being depressed the other day because of people not being treated fairly in places such as the Middle East. The problem there is, I don't think one single person can change the view of a large part of Asia, unfortunately.

That being said, some dreams are manageable. Some people aspire to have their dream job. Whether that's being a teacher, an electrician or a factory worker, rest assured those can be done with relative ease. Although some people with monetary concerns may not be able to pursue the education required for those types of jobs.

I guess my main point being: Not everyone has it fair in life. Some people start off in a worse spot than others, and that's what makes it difficult for those people. It's kinda like the American Dream, which basically says if you work hard you can have a good life, and everyone who is in a good spot is there because they worked super hard. Personally, I think the American Dream is now dead, because it's often seen that life doesn't work like that anymore (if it ever did at all).

While some dreams are not out of reach, a lot are unattainable, and therefore I cannot agree.
Just make sure you adjust to reality.
You already know what video this is
Just gonna leave this one here.
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