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What an empty place... Seems like we need more blue people in here.

Portal to The Button
Portal to the Purple Club

If you don't know what's going on here, check out the first post in the Forum Games thread "Keep it Alive - A Social Experiment"
Can you keep this to forum games, please? It's not really general discussion
Guys. I let one thread slide but three is absurd.
If memory serves correct, they've planned for seven of these. So maybe it's best to shut down the 'clubs' now before things get really out of hand.
I thought my warning in the second one was clear. Since it wasn't, I'll be more explicit.

No More Club Threads Outside of Games
Sorry, I'll remember that from now on. I followed the original post that went in general, so that's my bad.
Red destroys
Jk, is this a game or??
Ok, as per request, here's the new blue club:
I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Grayseff meant "no threads related to a game outside of the game thread itself" instead of "no club threads outside of 'forum games'". Because otherwise you clutter the forum with eight total threads all related to the same thing.
So then, one thread for normal chatting and one thread for pushing button?
That seems to be the best solution.

I'll post this in the purple room, and then just let the threads die.