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Talk about what vibes you want for yourself, or tell us about someone else's vibes! Every vibe is welcome.

Edit: And no, not that kind of vIBE
I hear the rabbit ones are supposed to be pretty good. Idk why you’d wanna check out some random person’s one though.
Idk, I just wanna see how much people know about each other on a pretty anonymous website.
I mean I know a good handful of people here but I don’t know them well enough to talk to them about that.
I meant "vibes" as in the energy people give off...
Y'know what nevermind none of this ever happened.
Antimony here has some pretty chaotic vibes. And you fell right into their trap!
And don't you dare say you don't have chaos in your soul, Mr. Antimony Pentafluoride. You made a flamethrower the other night.
Yep, I can confirm... Antimony's vibes terrify me.
I mean I’m pretty chill when I’m not doing ‘dangerous‘ (nothing’s dangerous if you know what you’re doing) and maybe arguably irresponsible stuff. I don’t bite unless I’m bored.
Coldfrost said:
And don't you dare say you don't have chaos in your soul, Mr. Antimony Pentafluoride. You made a flamethrower the other night.
Aw come on, I used alcohol. It’s not like it was gasoline.

Edit: Awww shiiiit muthafucka, I have a bottle that can hold gasoline without melting! Gonna make an improved one.
Uhhhh, I rest my case.
Like I said, nothing is dangerous if you know what you’re doing. Also tomorrow literally never comes, man. No matter what, it’s always today. You’ll never see the future, man.

For real though the feel of this whole website is really chill.
The overall vibe of Twocans is like some sort of mix between Tumblr and Reddit, which is pretty nice.
Which parts of reddit and tumblr? Furries and r/gamer vibes? Cause those are some pretty strong hateful vibes.
The forums and stuff are more like the actual good content since there's a lot of really good artists and genuine people. The asks and answers are actually a lot more peaceful compared to some Other™ Websites™, prob because there are really great mods. Not perfect, obviously, but there is a semblance of peace. There are of course some more cruel people on the more anonymous sides but that's just The™ Rule™ Of™ The™ Internet™.
I feel like the anonymity wraps around a bit further from the GIFT. Everyone is always anonymous, so it's hard to target one person. Every interaction is new.
In my totally not biased opinion, r/Fantasy is one of the best subreddits out there and generally has a fairly wholesome vibe to it. Most of reddit sucks, though.
On more personal vibes stuffs, Coldfrost has the vibe of a small lamp. What that means I do not know.
What’s your alligent? I think I’m chaotic good.
I swing between Chaotic and Lawful neutral depending on my mood and what I'm doing, so the average would probably be True Neutral for me.
I'd have to read the definitions again but I'm Neutral Good or Chaotic Good. Those Lawfuls just have a ten-foot pole up their Bag of Holding.
Oh I'm totally lawful good.
Neutral-Good with a firm penchant of winding up as Neutral-Neutral.
The big issue with the chaotic/lawful alignment is that often your place on that spectrum, at first, appears to be affected by outside factors. Lawful action in one place would be chaotic in another. It can't just be 'follows laws'. Your alignment should not change based on your temporal or physical location, only by changes to yourself. So it really can't have anything to do with literal laws.
So the two definitions I've seen are either 1) lawful people follow some sort of personal code, or 2) lawful people value order over freedom. By both definitions, I'd say the majority of real-life people are lawful.