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I very much enjoy looking for weird stock Images, wether that be just a weird picture or weird in the context of the search. Here’s Very Real Man.
Well, then you might enjoy the spectacle that is this photoshoot.

As you can see, it's a story about rivals becoming friends, possibly with the help of the internet. And there's plenty more photos from that shooting. Just search for "nerd biker gang" or something similar. It's just weird and I don't understand it at all.

Edit: This one is also one of the weird ones.
Oh dude. I maintain an entire hobby project with an emphasis on weird stock images being used to make a fake universe for a fictional video game.
i loved using random stock images that loosely fit with the topic of my presentation. if my slide was about analyzing data, i would use a image of scientists looking at a chicken. (sadly, cant find that photo on my computer.)
This is actually a photo of me coding at the Starbucks in Monroe, WA.
Y'all better have addressed all your compiler warnings...

Me and my friends here don't take to kindly to folks who declare variables but never use them...
I’m really glad I made this thread.
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