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A thread for creative insults and threats. Feel free to piss people off.

This also a place for serial killers and assholes to meet up.
I will call people an overripe mango, but not in a malicious way.
well, overripe mangoes aren't that bad
Your brain is obviously in 240p if you think overripe mangoes are ok in any sense of the term.
I can't believe you still watch your brains in 240p.
PoikiChoi said:
Feel free to piss people off.
PoikiChoi said:
This also a place for [...] assholes [...].

EDIT: The whole thread is funny n’ cool - all that. Just don’t intentionally piss people off.
"Serial killers are fine, but assholes... that's a step too far"
~SbF5, probably
I once called someone a wet spoon
There's always this:
Called somebody a cockhole on the road today.
I like to call people expired cartons of milk
I once called someone a wet spoon

Hold on... I have to ask... do you have PS4?

Because I have been called a wet spoon by a woman in a random community...

And it was the funniest thing.
hmmm we used to call my sister a dingbat when she did stupid things, but then we realized people might stare at us if we did that in public and so we now call my sister a wombat
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