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I got the red dot, but I'm not sure how. I know that it means just a post of fallbacks, but I don't know where I would have said something like that.
Read up in zomg-what-is-it as well as the Site Announcement on the old dot. The red dot cannot be earned based on what you said, but more on what someone else says. The rules and fallbacks are convoluted, but necessary.
Ah. I see. Thank you for clarification.
Someone below you said their own name in a post, which granted you the red dot, I believe?

The fallbacks are only if they're the first post in a thread.
How do i get the red dot and the black dot?

Wait two hours. You'll have red. Say "board smith". You'll have black.

Rules for all dots can be found at the end of this thread
board smith dementedkermit
All right. Locking this thread because there is already a thread for discussing the dots in the Sandbox. Go make some castles.