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This website has a neat security feature where if you type your username and password, it actually detects and blocks your password in the reply. Like this

Username: RichardRichardson
Password: ********

I typed the password out, but it shows up censored.

I wonder how many people have fallen for that, if any, or if this is an actual thing.
No one's fallen for it and I'd be a little shocked if someone did. The replies have all been people just having fun with it.
Eric-616 said:

Oh, somebody watches kitboga.
ecr674 said:
Kitboga references memes. hunter2 is from 2004.
Yea. I assumed no one fell for it. It would be interesting if someone actually fell for it, tho.
I'm not too concerned because even if someone fell for it...
  • OP would need to respond to the message
  • The victim would need to read the message WITHOUT noticing their password in plain text
  • The victim would then need to reply AND un-anonymize
That is a good point.
im confused
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