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How do you read the answers to your questions? I've looked around and can't seem to find where to go to read the answers I've received.
Okay wow nevermind.. I figured it out right after posting. Sorry.
I like your username! It took me a while to get it, but I got there.
For anyone else who wants to find out: you just view your question list under Ask
yes and no
Why can't we have community accounts
because then trolls get in and ruin the place
This is the internet. Shared accounts always end badly in a short amount of time. Seriously, they spiral out of control pretty quickly. People tend to use them as a way to not be accountable for what they say and do on the internet. If you can't imagine how that would throw the forum and the Q&A into chaos, the only further explanation I can give is that it brings out trolls and/or terrible sides of people.

If you want a place where you're not tied to a username, go visit 4chan et al. Part of the charm of this place is that there are users on the other end of that there string tied to a can. Genuine people, not just a heap of anonymous mass.
Petition to get Blake to add "No shared accounts" to the site rules posts so people will stop asking why.
Yea even the Q&A is only possible because it's small and heavily (relatively) moderated. Much like "no suicidal posts" (though some slip through the crack), the minimal good they do is outweighed by the chaos a single unscrupulous person can wreak.
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