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What’s the weather like right now where you are? If you’re in the dead center of Louisiana, it’s 81°F (27.2C), 56% humidity, windspeed’s 7mph, and very very sunny. Give me your winter pls, northerners and foreigners.

(I actually like talking about weather)
Well, according to my phone's untrusty ol' weather app, here in Lincoln, Nebraska it's currently sunny and 50o Fahrenheit (feels like 44o Fahrenheit) with a humidity of 47% with West / Southwest winds at 17 MPH.
So last night, there was a huge blizzard. We got about 5 inches I think. It rained first, so getting home from work, I had to scrape off a layer of ice from all around it, plus it was snowing so heavily that by the time I scraped one window, the other window was covered again. Today it's sunny with a high of 40 degrees f, so the snow is already melting. Right now, it's 34 degrees, but it still doesn't feel very cold out.
That's Minnesota for you. I appreciate this thread. I'm sure there will be plenty of weird MN weather updates. There was a blizzard in April the past two years I think as well. Plus weird sunny times in the middle of winter when the snow actually melts before it goes back to blizzards.
Today i have a high of 50 degrees, and a low of 35. Some people think that is cold, but that is not bad at all
Louisiana only gets nice weather for a couple weeks in the winter. It's 70 F (21.1C) , hardly any wind, 28% humidity. The high is only 73 (22.7C) and the low is 43 (6.1C). Tomorrow it's gonna be basically the same but a little colder. Later on in the week we have a cold front coming through.
it went from 60 degrees a few days ago to 30 degrees where i am.
It's 26F right now. Yesterday was 16F at about the same time.

I really should put on something over my t-shirt.
It is 20 degrees here. we had the first sno of the year yesterday.
We got almost a foot and a half of fine powdery snow.
I hate powder snow. You cant make snowball or snowmen with it, and slows you down a lot while skiing and snowboarding.
Powdery snow is really pretty though, especially in sunlight and blowing in the breeze.
Yes i agree with that