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u+2800, for anyone wondering
Why do so many people randomly have QR codes as profile pictures.
I unintentionally stole Spam19's, and then everybody else followed.
u 2800

why is there three lines

Maybe you did something wrong?
yeah that's the greek letter xi
I mainly use the Blank Unicode Character for things like among us.
It doesn't seem to work in among us anymore
It's now easier to write fancy space words. I'll demonstrate:

H E L L O ⠀ F R I E N D

i think you mean
H⠀E⠀L⠀L⠀O⠀ ⠀W⠀O⠀R⠀L⠀D

i think you mean
H⠀E⠀L⠀L⠀O⠀ ⠀W⠀O⠀R⠀L⠀D
how did I know what that was going to be
Witch won iz it?
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