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Basically, to be cleared as NOT the grammar Nazi, just post something not grammatically correct on this page. I guess this is an investigation now.

You may not use periods commas apostrophes or any other punctuation you also can switch up witch homograph your using or just get things terribley wrong
allright i can dew that
youve broken mee i swearr
the gramar nazi could be any of us still

just puttin on a front
no true gammar nazi could axept this levle of mest up without correctin ppl.
or is that just wut the gramma not seas want u too think?
thes is just boot leg r/boneappletea
but theirs so much more too it then that coz the bow nap LT is only have the fun

ok mabey its lich Raleigh just bone app will tee
I'm no grammar Nazi but I do try to use grammar properly

Periods are optional for me tho, and abbreviations
  • there are probably more than one
  • that don't even read the Forum
  • loyalty pledges can do one
  • I'm pro-grammar* anyway
So here's my antiverification post. Nyah.

* I'm also pro-grammer but that's a story for another time.
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