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Basically, to be cleared as NOT the grammar Nazi, just post something not grammatically correct on this page. I guess this is an investigation now.

You may not use periods commas apostrophes or any other punctuation you also can switch up witch homograph your using or just get things terribley wrong
allright i can dew that
youve broken mee i swearr
the gramar nazi could be any of us still

just puttin on a front
no true gammar nazi could axept this levle of mest up without correctin ppl.
or is that just wut the gramma not seas want u too think?
thes is just boot leg r/boneappletea
but theirs so much more too it then that coz the bow nap LT is only have the fun

ok mabey its lich Raleigh just bone app will tee
I'm no grammar Nazi but I do try to use grammar properly

Periods are optional for me tho, and abbreviations
  • there are probably more than one
  • that don't even read the Forum
  • loyalty pledges can do one
  • I'm pro-grammar* anyway
So here's my antiverification post. Nyah.

* I'm also pro-grammer but that's a story for another time.
i am no grammar nazi but i do still like good grammar, although caps and stuff is still optional.
Good grammar is great in formal settings, but tbh online sometimes you gotta say fuck it if you're trying to express a specific tone or idea. It's how you replace tone, emotion, inflections, gestures, etc when you're chatting to folks online. Because Internet is a great book by linguist Gretchen McCulloch that discusses how language has evolved online.
yea, like when you type like this you sound kinda more sad.

But when you type with all correct grammar, it makes you sound more energetic.
or sometimes all lowercase just sounds very casual! like this is a great way to chat with friends. cos it's just very relaxed, mimics the way slang and casual speech would feel irl, etc.

and when you add emoji, it's a whole extra layer of communication!
type a randon sentence with your eyes cloased and see how well youu do.
The point of language is to convey meaning. This all started with some people making mouth noises at each other. So as long as people understand you, you're using grammar correctly.
So if 'improper' grammar helps you convey your tone better, it's not improper. There's something to be said for formal grammar in formal settings, but overall linguistics is a descriptive field, not a prescriptive one.
If bad grammar can lead to a better level of expression, is it truly bad? Non-prescriptive grammar is where we get new words, more concise methods of communication, and multi-lingual additions to our language(s). The idea of proper grammar is a remnant of the ideologies that the aristocracy used to distinguish themselves from the peasants as 'better'.

Also, why would anyone take any pride in likening themselves to anything resembling Nazis? Chill out and accept people, sheesh.
Yo. Yo. Uh. Word. Adjective. Pronoun. Adverb. Run on, and on, and on. Where my gerunds at? Parenthetical. Uh.
Like, yeah.
How do y'all feel about commas and their placement or absence changing the meaning of the sentence?
Makes sense. In a list of three, not putting a comma between two and three can imply that they are both part of a group of item one.
'The strippers, Stalin and Hitler' comes to mind.
So Oxford Comma good because it clarifies things. I don't always include it in my writing when I want to group things together in a list? I will also use 'and' multiple times when I want each item or action to be taken with separate consideration. 'He paced, drank his tea, and worried' hits a bit different than 'He paced and drank his tea and worried'. It changes the pace of the sentence a bit and makes it seem less like he's doing all three simultaneously.

Edit: I think it partly stems from written language being a transcription of spoken language. Tone and inflection are difficult to portray in text. Commas can be confusing because nobody misunderstands them when speaking and what pauses are considered significant enough to warrant them in text seems subjective.
That made me think of the sentence “It’s strippers, Stalin.” As though you were explaining to Stalin that he was looking at strippers. Then I thought of the sentence “It’s strippers Stalin” as in a giant Stalin made of strippers.
eriophora said:
Because Internet is a great book by linguist Gretchen McCulloch that discusses how language has evolved online.

I keep meaning to get that book and I keep not getting it
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