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I want everyone to enjoy and hate this. Please take your time and read the page. You will be both pleased and annoyed.
This left me more confused than anything else. Yeah I understand that this is a conspiracy theorist guy but like, I took away nothing from reading this besides just my eyes hurting from the world's worst website background
Oh those are the patterns of the frequency of the trans-universe signal Dick Lighthouse is sending out.
That caused a feeling of violence in me to read.
Gray, if you liked that you're gonna love "Gravity & Electromagnetism Unified"

"Rev-2A. This is an Important Mathematical Discovery. No one has ever provided
mathematical evidence that unifies gravity and electromagnetism. Note that the two classical
equations of Newton's Gravity and Coulomb's Law have a similar form. Also note that when
Limit (r) ---> 0, these 2 equations approach a singularity
This implies that our universe collapses to a single point for unification. This is both a
mathematical and physical unification. Each reader must comprehend that our universe
literally blinks, off and on, 1.1 trillion cycles each second (1.1 THz)."

Also why 911 was an inside job
"Note how the vertical steel beams rapidly turn into dust. Not caused by burning jet fuel. These steel beams were more than 700 feet tall and 2 inches thick, next to the American Express Building. Rapid-aging turns the steel into dust, almost instantly, when hit with the infrared laser. This phenomenon occurs at a harmonic of the E point in Figure U-1, shown above. The infrared laser is not visible light. This infrared laser satellite was operated by the Air Force Space Command at Schriever Air Force Base on 9-11-2001."
The part about them having similar form made me lose the plot.

Also I worked with a 1.1THz laser extensively, apparently I sent a very boring message throughout the whole universe

Made me think of HEAD-ON.
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