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Hello! Here you can talk about any foods! Please don't be disrespectful towards others, thank you!
I will begin.
I love all cheese, except for the fake manufactured cheeses. Those don't deserve to exist.

On a side note, how come there are so many cheese-related accounts?
I agree
I like cheese
To change the food - lasagne bolognese. When my mom or myself make it, it's my favorite food to prepare! This has always been my favorite .

If we're speaking of food we can buy, then I'd say cottage cheese. It's my favorite snack and thing to eat for supper. The bigger container, the better!
normal lasagna is my fav food of all
I’ve never had lasagna
w h a t
Last time I checked asian people don’t usually eat lasagna

I also have not tried oat meal yet
ah true

oatmeal isn't that good.
I’m not planning on trying it

From what I can tell* they don’t seem too great

*after eating way too many oatmeal raisin cookies
oatmeal and lasagna are both good. oatmeal can be very bland if you don't add enough tasty things into it, though; it's very neutral on its own.
I like most foods, but I'm not big on cheese, tomatoes, or olives. But you throw all that at once on a pizza, and suddenly its amazing.
I'm the kind of maniac that likes plain oatmeal. I don't even salt it while cooking because blech. I just pour some milk on it and then eat it. Delicious! (I think my tastebuds might be weird. My sense of smell is also weird.)

Speaking of delicious food, I boiled some Icelandic lifrarpylsa here the other day. It's such a great food! You can eat it as dinner when it's warm (nom nom tasty) and you can cut yourself a slice to munch on as a snack when it's cold (also tasty). I miss being able to purhcase a pre-boiled one to just munch on.
Oh, that looks a bit like a summer sausage kinda? I love meats like that as snacks. Now I want to try that.
I have no idea what summer sausage is. Also, lifrarpylsa maybe isn't so much meat as much as innards.
It's lamb liver (sometimes also beef liver) and fat mixed with some rye, oats and salt.
Summer sausage is a salty sausage that doesn't really need refrigeration. You'd make and eat it in the summer. Usually it's smoked or fermented. Whenever someone iny family gets a deer there's always summer sausage that comes out of it.
Lindsay Sausage, from my grandpa's hometown, is the best summer sausage you could ever get.
(In my opinion, of course.)
ew, carnivores
When starvation is constantly around the corner, you'll take whatever calories you can get.
Summer sausage is basically the only meat I'll have on backpacking trips. Everything else would either go bad or is too heavy. Maybe I'll get more in to freeze-dried stuff if I go on longer expeditions.
literally the exact thread i was looking for

okay here it is:
pizzata (havaino)
pelo de pina
pepelonne onionne

that's all
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