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I have been sticking to java monster recently, which is 300 mg of caffeine, and I am a caffeine guru, so I did some research and... the most caffeinated beverage in the world on the market that is under $100 is Black Label Devil Mountain Coffee, if you think monster energy is a lot of caffeine, then don't try this. coffee per every 12 fl. oz. is literally 1,555 MG of Caffeine, I would NOT recommend this if you have a bad liver, as it will keep circulating your system therefore it will block your adenosine receptors, therefore making the caffeine circulate your system, adenosine won't tell your body to sleep, for as long as the caffeine is in your body, you won't be able to sleep, for damaged liver, that can last up to 100 hours, for a normal liver, it would last 6-8 hours. This coffee is extremely dangerous if consumed in large amounts in a short amount of time, so I would not recommend it to the average person, but if you want to try it, I'm just throwing this info out here, that this is the most caffeinated beverage in the world. 3 k-cups of it, would literally be already 4665 mg of caffeine that is quite a large amount. Also, 12 fl. oz. is about a coffee mug of this stuff. Just think about that. If anyone has found anything MORE caffeinated than this, please let me know.
DynaPep, apparently. It's got 714.3 mg of caffeine per fluid oz.

Sure, you have to buy 8 $15 dollar packets to achieve a single fluid oz, but still. That's a ton of caffeine.
It says here the dynapep only has 100 mg of caffeine, id be surprised if each one had 1 fl. oz. so even then, 12 fl. oz. would only be 1,200 mg of caffeine, how does that compare to 1,555, if it says there is more elsewhere, please refer me to the link in your next reply.

Quote: "Even tinier than a 5-Hour Energy shot, DynaPep comes in a micro shot that contains 100 milligrams of caffeine (a 25 percent increase from what it used to contain) in a minuscule 4-milliliter. The Boca Raton, Fla.-based beverage company’s recipe also contains a derivative of methylhexanamine, a stimulant that has a negative effect on focus in some and has been reported to elevate heart rate. "

Well, this source says otherwise, but it might not be the most reliable.

"At 714.3 mg per fluid ounce, DynaPep has the highest caffeine content per ounce of any beverage on the market. Fortunately, it comes in tiny 0.14-ounce portions.

Despite DynaPep’s minuscule size, it packs a powerful punch. The time-released microshot (created by Florida company Intocell) claims to increase focus and boost energy for up to 10 hours."
Well, that source seems more reliable than mine, it is insanely overpriced. It is 0.14 fl. oz. with 714.3 mg of caffeine per fl. oz. 0.14 divided by 1 is 7.14, therefore, 7.14 of those, would round up to a bit less than 714.3 mg of caffeine 714.3 times 2 is yet again, 1426 mg of caffeine, so every 2 fl. oz. is 1426 mg of caffeine, which still doesn't add up to the 12 fl. oz of devil mountain coffee, which is 1,555, so you would need 3 fl. oz. of dynapep to get better than the 12 fl. oz. of devil mountain coffee, which in prospect if every $8*$15 = $120, which if for 1 fl. oz. of Dynapep, $120*$3, = $360 worth of it, just to achieve 584 more mg of caffeine, when you could just drink 2 k-cups of the black devil mountain, is only $3.20 which will get you 3,110 mg of caffeine, instead of spending $360 for 2,139 mg of caffeine.
True, true. I guess I forgot that Black Mountain Coffee came in 12 OZ.
The only thing I wanna say is that adenosine isn't the only compound in your body that promotes sleep and also caffeine, even the number of caffeine molecules in your blood that are like 'freely floating' (meaning they haven't bound to albumin and thus are unable to bind to adenosine receptors) out numbers the total number of adenosine receptors you have, aren't able to antagonise every adenosine receptor at once. All this is to say that not any amount of caffeine will prevent sleep.
This video by a Doctor says otherwise.
So when he's talking about hepatic impairment and says "it's gonna be floating around in your body and you're not gonna sleep" - he's talking about severely impaired livers. Ones that can't break down a normal amount of caffeine. The amount of caffeine in the body someone with hepatic impairment has four hours after drinking a monster will, depending on the extent of impairment, possibly be almost unchanged. That person will for sure have trouble sleeping.

When he says "adenosine says it's sleep time", he's dumbing down the physiology of sleep. I go to a pharmacy school and have worked with doctors before. I’ve worked with doctors before, they don't like giving lectures, and they really don't like explaining nuances. I study a lot the same things he studied just with a way heavier focus on the molecular side of human physiology. In fact you could even say that literally all I study is all the ins and outs of drugs and what they do in the body. Doctors don’t, it’s why they’ll tend to hit up pharmacists for advice if they have trouble deciding what to prescribe a patient.

You can fall asleep from several things, the first ones I can think of are suppressed activity of catecholamines (think (nor)adrenaline and dopamine), suppressed activity of a chemical called glutamate, of another chemical called acetylcholine, and heightened levels of another chemical called GABA. If activation of adenosine receptors mediated all of these, then it would be reasonable to say that antagonizing them would for sure prevent sleep.

For another way of explaining this, drugs that antagonize dopamine receptors (e.g. haloperidol) can make people sleep. Drugs that antagonize glutamate receptors (e.g. ketamine, pcp, dextromethorphan [the DM in cough syrup]) can induce sleep. Drugs that can antagonize acetylcholine receptors can (think old antihistamines like Benadryl, every get sleepy after taking one?). Drugs that either activate GABA receptors or increase the activity of GABA at its own receptors (e.g. Xanax) can induce sleep. And these aren’t the only ones either.

If a physiological process as important as sleep was mediated by just one chemical, we'd be fucked as a species. One unfortunate mutation and the body would fail not even a week after birth. I mean someone who has had as much caffeine as you (me as well); surely you’ve drank a monster before and then went right to sleep. Right? I can’t count how many times I have.
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